The NSA is targeting the Linux Journal as an "extremist forum" and flagging its readers as 'extremists', according to source code leaked to German public broadcaster, ARD.

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The Linux Journal , a Linux user community website, has been flagged as an "extremist forum" by the United States' National Security Agency (NSA), while its users have been flagged as "extremists" under the agency's XKeyscore program, according to leaked source code.

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The source code, which was published this week by German public broadcaster, ARD , also identified at least two German Tor Directory Authority servers — one in Berlin, the other in Nuremberg — as being under surveillance by the NSA.

NSA targets Linux Journal as 'extremist forum': Report - ZDNet

There are two methods by which amendments to the Constitution can be officially proposed. The first is initiated by Congress — two-thirds of both the House and Senate pass a proposed amendment, and then 38 state legislatures (three-fourths of the total) must approve it.

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This is the only way the Constitution has ever been amended so far. But most observers think a campaign finance amendment will never pass the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. 34 state legislatures (two-thirds of the total) call for a constitutional convention, Congress is obligated to convene one. The convention can then draft amendments to the Constitution — amendments that will later need approval from 38 state legislatures.

California calls for constitutional convention to limit money in politics - Vox

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Khloé Kardashian - Khloé Kardashian has 'learned a lot' since split -

Open source seems to be popping up everywhere. The collaborative nature of the license makes for the perfect foundation for which to develop a system, platform, application, etc. And open source isn't content with being confined to your PC, laptop, or mobile device. Open source wants to travel... and travel it will. A brand new distribution of Linux, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), is coming to fruition that targets the automotive industry. I'm not talking about embedded systems running the machines that build the cars you drive, but the cars themselves.

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That's right, a full-blown Linux distribution will be used throughout the automotive industry to help drivers easily interact with their cars. Imagine a Linux-powered dashboard at your fingertips. But let's take that one step further -- an open initiative that would even allow end users to add, remove, and tinker with the software powering their machines.

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Want a mobile advertising or broadcasting station? Open source could allow that. Don't like the way the manufacturer laid out the audio controls on your console? You can change that.

Automotive Grade Linux brings open source to the auto industry - TechRepublic

The Abbott government is trying very hard to make the transition out of a very bad budget period into a post-July period where it might be able to kick some goals. After roadtesting the concept for a couple of weeks, the government has now flicked the switch decisively to national security.


The tin hat has been retrieved from the cupboard and it’s clear the government intends to wear it from now until the end of the year. Security is generally comfortable political territory for conservative governments – certainly more comfortable than trying to justify broken election promises. But before we embark on a new round of lawmaking to beef up surveillance by Australian intelligence agencies, it pays to lay out the story to date before it gets lost in the daily spin cycle. The truth is the Coalition has been quick on the security politics, but slower on the practical action.

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Intelligence agencies have been warning for more than a year that sectarian conflict in the Middle East will create increased risks at home. The government has had access to a detailed report from parliament’s intelligence committee suggesting a way forward on security reform for all its 10 months in office. It has also had a high-level report since March providing advice about how to fix the legal framework in order to better prosecute terrorism offences by Australians overseas. Yet concrete action is only beginning now.

A week of transitions in politics: five things to ponder - The Guardian

Though in “Tammy,” the first movie where she is the star, we find a few laughs in the two hours, but, overall, a pretty undeveloped character in a rather formulaic comedy.

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Is she over-the-top? Sometimes. Is she moronic — a female “Tommy Boy?” Well, in the first half of the movie. Do we have a reason to like her? Hate her? Not really.

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Like “Identity Thief,” this movie will work fine on HBO or Cinemax on some otherwise boring Tuesday night a year from now. But if you’re going to make the $50 investment to go to the cinema, you’d be better off with “22 Jump Street,” or wait for the new “Planet of the Apes” film coming out next week. This isn’t worth your hard-earned money.

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Review: “Tammy,” starring Melissa McCarthy, disappoints - Community College Campus News

In today's business world, disruption is a constant force that never lets up. At the annual WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive by Design, we celebrate the creative power of bold new ideas and the people that make them happen.

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Microsoft has learned to stop worrying and love the Linux open source operating system— at least to a certain extent. But it wasn’t that long ago that the tech giant took a horribly tone-deaf approach to the revolutionary open source project. The Matrix . It could be the most mind-bogglingly misguided Microsoft misstep ever caught on film. Yes, there have been many —so very many —but this one is worthy of fireworks. And it’s our Fourth of July gift to you.

Tech Time Warp of the Week: Watch Steve Ballmer Mock Linux While Dressed ... - Wired

I’ll say the same thing I say every year : Today is a day to celebrate the world of politics, because the U.S. is a particularly political nation. Indeed, it is only appropriate that our greatest holiday isn't a commemoration of a battle, but of decisions made by politicians in the Continental Congress.

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We should celebrate the politicians, whose ambitions and energy are needed for the scheme to work. We should celebrate the activists who want to change the world, and the interest groups who are just trying to protect and enlarge their little piece of that world. We should celebrate the electioneers: the speechwriters, the pollsters, the get-out-the-vote specialists. And, yes, the opposition researchers. We should even celebrate the little old ladies who administer our elections in thousands of precincts. Politics isn’t just a matter of elections, or even most importantly about elections. We should celebrate those who participate in government from the inside, and those who try to influence it from the outside. We also should celebrate reporters who sit through endless city council meetings or put the time in with government databases until they unearth the stories we really need to hear. We should celebrate the citizens who show up for jury duty without resorting to phony stories to get out of it, and those who testify at state legislative committee hearings. In other words, all who get involved in self-government at some point in the process beyond merely voting when they remember to do so.

A Day to Celebrate Politics - Bloomberg View

To clarify, by national anthem I mean “The Star-Spangled Banner” only. (As in, the actual, official national anthem.) That means that neither Aretha Franklin singing “My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee” at the 2009 presidential inauguration nor the bejeweled-bow hat she wore at said inauguration are on the list. Pour out a vial of eagle tears in mourning, and move past it. Your country needs you. Please rise.

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There’s a reason we’ve invented the phrase “I CAN’T,” and this is it. Literally, the gold standard of national anthem performances.

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After being accused of lip-synching “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration on January 21 of that year, Bey used her halftime show press conference to prove that she’s more than capable of vocally annihilating the song. She also demonstrated one of the unsung benefits of singing the national anthem: automatic standing ovation . B-b-b-bow down.

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13 Most Over-The-Top Diva Renditions Of The National Anthem -

Container-type virtualisation, including software from Docker, looks promising but it has still to carve out a role, according to Red Hat platform business chief Jim Totton.

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Red Hat's platform business vice president Jim Totton believes the current focus on containers could signal the growth of an alternative type of computing architecture — but says it's not yet clear how people will apply the technology.

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Elements of container technology have existed in Linux in the form of cgroups since 2006 and in UNIX for decades. Containers sit on top of a single Linux instance and are a lighter-weight form of virtualisation, each capable of running an isolated app on a reduced OS under the control of a resources policy.

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Docker and Linux containers: Red Hat opens up on the issues - ZDNet