Linux desktop distributions can vary wildly in their look and feel. Unlike Windows 8 before the recent Windows 8.1 update, where a one-size-fits-all interface was the order of the day, Linux gives you an almost endless number of primary desktops such as GNOME , KDE , and Enlightenment . Then you your choice of variations based on them. In GNOME's case, for example, there's Ubuntu's Unity and MATE , and the interface I'll be talking about today: Cinnamon .

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People will tell you even today you must know Linux shell commands to do anything with desktop Linux. That's complete nonsense. Most users will never need to learn how to use Linux shell commands. That said, if you do want to learn how to use shell commands, you'll gain far more power over your operating system than any GUI can ever give you.

Six Clicks: Linux Mint tips and tricks - ZDNet

David Cameron is doing God. As the Austro-Hungarian statesman Metternich remarked in another context, what does he mean by that? British prime ministers, historically, keep their faith – even the question of whether they have one – a very personal matter. But Mr Cameron has told the Church Times that it is his Christianity that drives him to try to change people's lives. He says people who espouse a "secular neutrality" fail to grasp its consequences, although he does not spell out what those are. He describes his own deep respect for Christian traditions and advocates a greater Christian self-confidence nationally. Last week, he was talking about his personal faith too, describing himself as a practising Christian, and talking warmly of the peace and pastoral care he has found through his local parish church.

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These Eastertide interventions may simply be a heartfelt response to the bishops' mass attack about poverty. There is, alternatively, a widespread view that they are a piece of cynical political manoeuvring, intended to strengthen his appeal to the core Tory vote that is still bewildered by his determination to legislate for same-sex marriage, and flirting alarmingly with Ukip. It could be something of both. But these days, faith is a more contentious matter than it has been at any time since Irish Catholics held the balance of power in a string of constituencies from Lancashire to Glasgow. He is taking a bigger risk than simply looking like a political hypocrite. David Cameron is not the first Conservative prime minister in recent times to be provoked into a public examination of their faith after finding themselves under fire from the churches. Margaret Thatcher was predictably robust after the publication in 1985 of Faith in the Cities , a report commissioned by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie , that was strongly critical of the impact of her economic and social policies. The bishops were reacting to a watershed, the slow deconstruction of the substance of the postwar settlement. The Thatcher message, that the good Samaritan had to get rich before he could become charitable, was a brutal encapsulation of what she believed. David Cameron couches a similar message in the gentler language of cultural Christianity. Mrs Thatcher was impressed by the uncompromising rigour of the Old Testament, Mr Cameron by the easier virtues of compassion, love and humility. His language echoes, distantly, Clement Attlee's. He was a discreet non-believer who said he liked the ethics but not the mumbo jumbo .

Religion and politics: God – He's back - The Guardian

Gabriel García Márquez, the influential, Nobel Prize-winning author of "One Hundred Years of Solitude," died on Thursday, April 17. He was 87.

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García Márquez, a native of Colombia, talks on the phone at his home in 1982. He is widely credited with helping to popularize the "magical realism" genre.

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Cuban leader Fidel Castro speaks with García Márquez at the annual cigar festival in Havana in 2000. The author was a vocal leftist and defender of Castro's Cuba.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning author, dies at 87 - CNN

Red Hat and its partner, Docker, bring DevOps characteristics to Linux containers, making them lighter-weight vehicles than virtual machines for cloud workloads.

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Some people accuse Red Hat of dusting off an old idea , Linux containers, and presenting them as if they were something new. Well, I would acknowledge Sun Microsystems offered containers under Solaris years ago and the concept isn't new. But Docker and Red Hat together have been able to bring new packaging attributes to containers, making them an alternative that's likely to exist alongside virtual machines for moving workloads into the cloud.

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And containers promise to fit more seamlessly into a DevOps world than virtual machines do. Containers can provide an automated way for the components to receive patches and updates -- without a system administrator's intervention. A workload sent out to the cloud a month ago may have had the Heartbleed vulnerability. When the same workload is sent in a container today, it's been fixed, even though a system administrator did nothing to correct it. The update was supplied to an open-source code module by the party responsible for it, and the updated version was automatically retrieved and integrated into the workload as it was containerized.

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Red Hat Linux Containers: Not Just Recycled Ideas - InformationWeek

The politics of quota and merit - The Hindu

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The Bharatiya Janata Party’s election manifesto, released on April 7, 2014, and its opponents’ reaction to the proposal, exemplifies the level of political debate in India today. In spite of an element of truth in claims that the manifesto is an impressionist’s version, the document nonetheless departs on certain crucial, philosophical issues. But, such is our reluctance to engage on matters of first principle that these departures are rarely, if ever, contested with anything resembling an intellectual vigour. Take, for instance, the issue of reservation. While the Indian National Congress and most other political parties have proposed detailed policy measures, including the prospect of reservation for Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in the private sector, the BJP’s manifesto is curiously silent on the issue. Even the promise contained in its 2009 declaration to introduce reservation for the economically weaker general class finds no mention in this term’s version. It is likely that this decision is a product of electoral strategy. But its failure to clarify its vision is nonetheless symptomatic of a larger malaise in the Indian political sphere: a mistrust of debate subsumed by core issues of moral concern.

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The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s answer to questions of whether there ought to be reservation along caste lines is similarly devious. He sings the same tune/s that he uses to counter any issue of economic inequality. According to him, the development and growth of the economy will bring with it a concomitant rise in both educational and employment opportunities, making the question of any community seeking reservation moot. But both Mr. Chidambaram’s claims about merit and Mr. Modi’s arguments about development skirt the real issue. At its inception, the Constitution envisaged very limited reservation. Articles 15 and 16, which today occupy the bedrock on which our entire policy of affirmative action rests, were meant to entrench a system where no discrimination was permissible on grounds of race, religion, caste, etc. Even clause 4 to Article 16, which permitted reservation in public employment for any backward class of citizens, was viewed as subservient to larger goals contained in clauses 1 and 2. Any such programme for reservation justified under Article 16(4) had to be shown to further the objective of ensuring equality of opportunity to all citizens. But over time, the original philosophical outlook toward affirmative action has waned.

The politics of quota and merit - The Hindu

The novelist died at his home surrounded by his wife and other members of his family in Mexico City, local news reported. Márquez's health had been declining for quite some time.

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Just last week, the author was released from the National Medical Sciences and Nutrition Institute after suffering from dehydration linked to lung and urinary tract infections.

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Gabriel García Márquez Dead at 87: Celebs React to Nobel Laureate Author's ... - E! Online

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse is out today on Steam, Good Old Games and Get Games, finishing up heroic duo George and Nico's latest globetrotting journey.

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Broken Sword 5 exceeded its Kickstarter goal in 2012 during a boom period for crowdfunded point-and-click adventure game projects, earning nearly $800,000 in backer pledges.

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The wait is over as multi award-winning developer Revolution Software has today confirmed the eagerly awaited Broken Sword 5 – the Serpent's Curse: Episode Two will go live today at 6pm, concluding the studio's most ambitious Broken Sword game to date.

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Broken Sword 5, Episode 2 out today on Windows, Mac, Linux - Joystiq

Share on Facebook --> Akif Emre, one of the writers at daily Yeni Şafak, referred to the battle between the government and the Gülen community as “a state of madness.” Noting that political and religious concepts were interfering in this fight, he emphasized that attributing religious features to “this extremely political” clash was, more than anything else, disrespectful to religion.

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In that case a more serious attitude would be possible, and a better stance would be developed in approaching the opportunities and strengths that come from the functions of modern economic and modern states, which were not present in old Islamic law books. However, extreme politicization has caused all values in life to be reduced to political fights. Such a domination of politics also damages our legal system and legal culture. Indeed, we have issues in the legal field. But shouldn’t we try to solve them according to universal law and work for the universal legal culture to develop in our country? No, we are doing just the opposite. We are exposing the fundamental concepts of law, as well as our rooted legal establishments, to an “extremely political” pressure.

The unbearable weight of politics - Hurriyet Daily News

Christ Bearer -- cut his penis off Wednesday morning and then jumped off his 2nd floor North Hollywood apartment balcony.  He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center but we're told the penis was a lost cause.

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Johnson/Christ Bearer is a member of the group Northstar, which was founded by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA.  We're told RZA hasn't done work with the group for several years.

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As we reported ... several rappers were present during the horrific scene.  They say there were not doing any drugs that would cause such a thing.  They believe Johnson/Christ Bearer may have mental issues.

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Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper -- You Can Kiss Your Penis Goodbye ... for Good -

Red Hat teams with Docker, urges developers to consider Linux-based containers as a lightweight alternative to virtual machine files for moving workloads to the cloud.

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Red Hat is turning to lightweight Linux containers to package workloads for transport to the cloud. As others take a rival approach sponsored by VMware-originated Cloud Foundry, Red Hat is standing by its OpenShift platform as a future element of OpenStack clouds.

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Red Hat is also aligning with Docker to help make containerized applications a new reality in the enterprise and in the cloud. Docker supplies the container format that Red Hat will standardize in its OpenShift platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for developers. While other forms of Linux containers exist, Docker leads in making the technology both easily used and portable among different clouds.

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Red Hat Touts Linux Containers For Cloud - InformationWeek